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Medusa digital rendering

Medusa Digital Rendering

Art in Mad Lines is my collection of illustrations across media. You will find traditional pencil sketches and doodles, as well as digital images and animations. Below is the site layout.


The portfolio section will give me an opportunity to talk a bit about the artwork. I might discuss the technique, process, or inspiration for a piece. If I feel like I ‘missed the mark,’ there will also be an opportunity for some profanity.


I’ll put extra works in the galleries as I complete them. These examples will probably include more experimental doodles and sketchy work. If anything absolutely amazing gets finished, it may be added to the portfolio section.


I’m excited about the blog for this site, because I have many plans for fun, themed, and continuous posts. I run more traditional portfolio sites for my painting and concept art work, so this site will be a chance to let loose. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the ride.


If you’d like to get in touch with me to discuss my art, or to praise my art, or to bash my art, then this is the page for you. You’ll find a contact form to fill out and a map of my general location, in case you want to bring me food or presents.

Lanky Robot

Lanky Robot