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‘Tooning for Tots Volume 7: Going Bananas

By August 4, 2014September 7th, 2014'Tooning for Tots

Volume 7 of ‘Tooning for Tots features encore performances by dolphins, wolves, dogs, and Superman. There are also 2 Batman drawings showcasing villains from his extensive rogue’s gallery. Once again, the illustrations are open line, begging to be colored.

While the drawings are usually done for the children, this batch has a pencil sketch of the Maharishi for one of the teachers at the before/after school daycare program. Pencil portraits are how I first discovered I had any artistic ability, so it was fun to return to those roots.

Though there are some strong areas in some of these drawings, on the whole they feel a bit rushed to me. This is due in no small part to the fact that I have recently secured my first solo exhibition for my abstract paintings (you can link to it by checking out the footer of this website). So my brain is all over the place as I handle logistic concerns for that event.

My favorites are the gorillas and the dolphin. Let me know which illustration(s) you like the best!

'Tooning for Tots Gallery, Volume 7

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