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‘Tooning for Tots Volume 22: Feeling Crabby

By January 13, 2015'Tooning for Tots

Well, it’s a bittersweet post for ‘Tooning for Tots, as this may be the last entry for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, my interaction with the happy kids at the daycare center has come to an end. While there’s nothing stopping me from posting more ‘toons in the future, it will take some time to get back on the horse. The children really provided me with inspiration, by both their suggestions and enthusiasm.

Fittingly, we’ve got a fine mix of creatures, critters, and established characters to close out the show. Little cats, big leopards, rats and crabs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Kids Next Door, giraffes and wolves, a puppy and elf, and a final nod to Minecraft take the stage in this edition of ‘Tooning for Tots. The elf, wolf, and Kids Next Door character get the color treatment, as does our featured image ‘Crab on the Beach.’ I wanted to make sure we went out with a bang!

How did I do? Check out the gallery below, and let me know what you think!

'Tooning for Tots Gallery, Volume 22

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