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‘Tooning for Tots Volume 17: Mishmash Animals

By October 13, 2014'Tooning for Tots

Though there are slim pickens in this latest edition of ‘Tooning for Tots, I’m really happy with the results. The children really used their imagination, by combining parts from different animals in order to create new requests. This made the drawings more fun to make, and hopefully more fun for the kids.

This batch of sketches features a few ‘normal’ critters, too. A snail, bee, and duckĀ are accounted for here. But it’s the unusual hodge-podges like a griffin, liger (half lion, half tiger), and winged wolf that stand out in the pack. That’s not to say the other drawings didn’t work.

My favorites in this round were the winged wolf, the snail, and the duck by the beach. Since I had a smaller list of requests this week, I went ahead and colored them all. Of course, the beach duck won the prize of ‘featured image’ for the week. So how did I do?

Check out the gallery below and decide for yourself!

'Tooning for Tots Gallery, Volume 17

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