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‘Tooning for Tots Volume 8: Bearing Down on Boredom

By August 10, 2014September 7th, 2014'Tooning for Tots

In any enterprise dependent on passion, there is always the fear of getting bored. For an artist, that can mean staring at the canvas/paper with nothing to say. This edition of ‘Tooning for Tots was definitely a fight against boredom.

I’m not bored of drawing the cartoons. I still enjoy it quite a bit, and the children still love it. There were no shortage of suggestions and requests this week, as the previous record has been broken: 14 sketches in this entry to ‘Tooning. The problem is one that parents of children will know well.

When kids get interested in something for the first time, they complete overdose on it. A song from a movie, a particular cartoon, whatever. In line with that issue, I’m getting inundated with wolves, tigers, foxes, and dogs. It was tough to motivate myself to draw a lot of the same things again.

Fortunately, there were some new requests this week, too. My first bear drawing, for a Chicago Bears fan, came out well. A castle with knights, Mickey Mouse, and Lego¬© Batman were all welcome additions. I drew a weiner dog for a student who was leaving the daycare center, since he’s old enough for middle school now.

Overall, I’m pleased with them. Hope you will be, too!

'Tooning for Tots Gallery, Volume 8

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