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‘Tooning for Tots Volume 6: Over the Woods and Under the Sea

By July 26, 2014September 7th, 2014'Tooning for Tots

The last 2 editions of ‘Tooning for Tots have featured a ton of new drawings, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them. The images uploaded in this batch took a bit longer, and boy am I hearing about it from the kids.

Animals in these cartoons include some return guests, like the cheetah, horse, parrot, dolphin, and wolf. But a few children had some unique requests, so you can also see new attempts like ninjas, koi fish, a dragonfly, and Batgirl from DC Entertainment.

You may also notice that a lot of the shading is gone from these images. My handy Prismacolor markers are just about dead, so I went ‘back to basics.’ On the bright side, I think the quicker nature of the process helped me capture some elements of the animals better. Also, the pictures can better serve what I had always hoped would be their purpose: a coloring-book-style activity for the kids to enjoy.

I continue to lag behind in figure drawing, though I do see some improvement. Strong pieces in this collection, in my opinion, are the dragonfly, zebra, and dolphin. Those undersea pictures can be fun! Let me know what you think of these latest efforts!

'Tooning for Tots Gallery, Volume 6

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